The storage silo facility

Situated in Birda village, next to the train station, the farm has a storage facility with 5.500 t capacity in silos and 2.500 t capacity in warehouses. The facility has also a pre-cleaner, a dryer with low temperature and an automated ventilation system. The total storage capacity is of 7.500 tons.
The facility allows reception of cereals, corn, sunflower, canola, soybean and all agricultural products, but only organic.
The storage in modern and performing facility allows us to keep and improve quality of the products, by drying and cleaning. The controlled and automated flows ensure reception and delivery without flaw. The personnel responsible with the facility operation is specially trained to keep the integrity and traceability of the stored goods.
The storage facility is ready to receive all organic agricultural products, being used to store own products but also third party’s products, all organic. SC Exploatatia Agricola Birda SRL, situated next to the NR59 Timisoara-Belgrade declares itself an active player of the market of agricultural production and storage of organic agricultural products of the area Timis-Arad-Caras-Severin, reliable business partner and for the long run, for the production and selling of own organic products, as well as organic storage services.



Exploatatia Agricola Birda manages a cultivated estate of 1600 ha, converted to organic farming since May 2015. The fields configuration (compact and entirely surrounded by a fence), brings a high level of security regarding the organic standard safety. Besides the EU-Organic specifications, the farm is involved in a conservative and regenerative approach for soils by improving several cutting-edge technologies as described below:

Non-ploughing and tillage reduction

Thanks to controlled traffic for each operation (see below), the tillage depth has been strongly reduced. Ploughing has been aborted, replaced by other tillage operations, less destructive for the soil’s structure and biology. Together with the cease of chemical treatments, visible indicators of soil health (fungi, earthworms) are clearly growing.

Inputs reduction

The farm’s philosophy is to firstly improve the natural fertility of the soil, by using a proper crop rotation and thoughtful farming methods. In this context, the supply of organic fertilizers is reduced to a strict minimum, and applied only on fields suffering from well-established deficiencies. In addition, we do not use biological inputs, preferring not to destabilize the natural balances set up in the fields.

Rotation, fallow and cover crops

The rotation implemented on the farm is spread over 7 years, 2 of which are devoted to regenerative alfalfa fallow, without cash crop. The alfalfa is mulched on the ground, leaving a richer and well-structured soil for the next 5 years. The spring crops represent 15% of the area, favouring noble productions such as lentils and chick peas. They are always preceded by a cover crop, which protects and improves the soil during the winter.

Mechanical weeding

The whole range of weeding machineries is available on the farm: the weeder harrows of course, but also a rotary hoe, a rotary weeder harrow and two camera-guided hoes. Apart from sunflower, all crops are seeded at 25 cm between rows, allowing their efficient hoeing.
Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF)
The whole range of machinery is set on 9 meters working width and all tractors and combines are GPS-RTK equipped. Thus, no matter what the tractor or the machine uses, the wheels always drive on the same tracks in the fields, reducing the compacted surface to 20%, compared to 50, up to 80% in non-harmonized conventional farming. The soil compaction is dramatically reduced; the water infiltration and root exploration are greatly improved, leading to more homogeneous and healthier fields. In addition, a better practicability of fields in wet conditions, together with the reduction of fuel consumption contributes to an increase of operation’s efficiency.


Production and certification

On the farm we grow a large range of crops: Feed Wheat, Milling Wheat, White Oat, Spelt, Rapeseed, Sunflower (LO and HO), Soybean, Feed Sorghum, Feed Peas, Buckwheat, Chickpeas and Lentils. The whole farm is certified by Ecocert, but we have also Bioland and BioSuisse certificates.

The commercial philosophy of our farm is to develop long term partnerships with our clients, by signing contracts before harvest and even for several years.


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